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Lick Transposer

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How it works:

Let's say that we want to play the following lick just one octave higher on an A-Harp:

  • In the text-field enter the lick using the text-based notation. Just see the Help-Page for further information. In ur case enter the following: -2 4 -3 -2
  • Select the key of the harp. This is only needed, if you need to know which notes you're playing. If you don't care just leave it on C.
  • Now, we have to choose the tuning of the harp. As we want to play a standard tuning, which is the default, we don't have to change it.
  • Finally we have to set the gap or in other words how we want to transpose. In our case we have to choose '1 octave'. If you want a transposition by half-tones -which is for example useful when you want to play a lick over the blues-progression- you can select them in the other drop-down. Also a combination of octaves and half-tones is allowed.
  • Click the Transpose-button.
Now, the page will be reloaded and shows two tabulatures: the original and the transposed one. Also the tones will be shown.

For an explaination of the symbols, see the Help-Page.