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Scale Tabulature Generator

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Key of the scale:
Tabulature Style:

D E F G A B C D  
How it works:

Let's say we want to practise a minor dorian scale in B on a A-Harmonica:
  • Select the key of the harp. In our case just select A as key of the harp.
  • Now we need to select the key we want to play in. To do this select B as the key of the scale.
  • As we want to practise a minor dorian scale, choose 'Minor Scale (dorian)' from the list of scales.
  • Finally, we have to choose the tuning of the harp. As we want to play a standard tuning, which is the default, we don't have to change it.
  • To see the result, just click the GO-button.
Now, the page will be reloaded and the select tabulature appears. On the top row, you will find the degree of the scale.
The second row indicates how the tone is called.
On the following lines, you can see the tabulature itself.
Every line indicates an octave - even if the scale can't played completely on the harp.

For an explaination of the symbols, see the Help-Page.