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06/22/2013: Diminished Tunung added.
09/25/2011: Brendan Power's PowerBender Tunung added.
08/22/2010: The Scale Tabulature page now has a 3rd way of showing the scales. Just select the 'Graphical Overview' as Tabulature Style and you will see the layout of the selected harmonica with all available notes. All tones which fit to the selected scale are highlighted.
08/22/2010: A new tuning is available: The Dale King Tuning is designed to play in 3rd position. As the draw-tones on holes 2 and 3 are tuned 2 half-tones lower than usual, the mid register and the lower register have the same tones. Very nice... I love it. ;-)
08/02/2010: Harmonica Layout Page introduced.
01/07/2010: New widget for Harmonica-based tabulatures added to the Lick Transposer and the Lick Finder. This feature should increase usability for inserting licks. A widget to enter notes will follow...
01/06/2010: Jim's True Chromatic Harmonica added.


Lick Transposer Enter a lick and transpose it.
You can transpose it by octaves or half-tones and see how to play them on your harp. For a better communication with other musicians, also the notes are given. You can also choose between different tunings.
Lick Finder Enter a lick using notes or the text-based harmonica-tabulature and see, where and how you can play it on the different harps to find out how to play it best.
Scale Tabulatures Shows how to play the different scales using text- or arrow-notation.
Use cases are:
  • Practise different scales in any key on every harp.
  • Learn about scales.
  • Explore your harp.
Example: Compare the following tabulatures: D Major Scale in 3rd Position and D Minor Scale in 3rd Position. You can see why 3rd Position is mostly played in minor - it's easier!
Overview Page Shows a table containing the most common positions played on diatonic harmonicas. The page also shows an Blues Scale overview.
Harmonica Layout Page Have you ever asked yourself which note you're playing when you draw hole 5 on an A-Harmonica? Yes, it's quite difficult to keep all notes on harmonicas in 12 keys in mind. The Harmonica Layout Page helps out, because it's showing you all notes on all harmonicas.
Guestbook Just leave a nice message, some experiences or any other feedback.

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